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5 things to know about Invisalign

Oct 01, 2019

Invisalign has become very popular over a period of time because of the transparency as well as reusability. People like this idea and those who go to a dentist must ask about the same too. Invisalign is also a very good product to get straight teeth. People have lots of confusions regarding traditional brace and Invisalign. Sometimes people look at it as Invisalign vs braces. If we compare both of them then it becomes difficult to say which one is better because changes differ from case to case. Following you will get to know 5 things about Invisalign-

Need Commitment: One of the biggest advantages of the Invisalign is you can remove them but this is also one of the biggest disadvantages because people do not wear them as long as it is needed. It is also a long process so you need a commitment for that. Before you go for Invisalign, make sure that you have it on for as long as possible and also you wear it for 20 hours a day, at least. People do not wear them for long enough time and then they blame the dentist or friend who suggested it to him/her.

Change Eating Behavior: People who love eating, for them it becomes very difficult for them to get Invisalign. It is very important to know that you can drink water while using Invisalign. If you wanted to eat food then you need to make sure that you remove Invisalign and then eat. After you eat you need to clean your teeth as well as Invisalign otherwise there are high chances that you can get a cavity. That means you can remove them only when you eat otherwise you need to wear them to get maximum benefits. You can easily get Invisalign near you but taking care of it is not easy.

Discomfort: People do not like the word discomfort but you feel that on the initial stage when you start with anything new. When you will start with Invisalign, in initial time you might feel discomfort because it takes time to adjust. It can also affect your speech and voice but that does not mean it would not happen with braces either. If you still have any doubts then you can confirm about them with Invisalign dentist in providence, RL.

Invisalign needs care: If you want good results then you need to take care of your Invisalign. Invisalign needs to be cleaned every single time when removed. It is not just with water, you need to make sure that water should be at lukewarm temperature but it should not be too warm because it can damage your Invisalign as they are made up of plastic material. This would help to clean Invisalign, remove bacteria and also avoid odours. There should not be any food particle in them and for that, you can use brush which can help to clean them properly. You can also ask your dentist to provide solution for the same.

Can be a costly process: When we compare the brace with Invisalign then we can say that it can cost you a little more. It is because it is customized as well as you need to change every week in the first few initial weeks so it becomes costly for you but you get your teeth aligned faster than braces. It does not mean it is costly always because some of the aligners are available on OTC drug store and hence, if you are using it then it would not cost you much. So, you need to take your decision wisely.

Invisalign is one of the best methods to get your teeth straight but it comes with a silver lining which says that you need to make some changes in your daily life. If you are comfortable with that then it would be the best solution to get straightened teeth. If you still have any doubts then you can contact the Green Plaza Dental. They are the best dentist in Calgary, AB. You can talk to them and they will provide you with the right kind of assistance.

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