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9 Probable Signs You Need Dental Veneers

Dec 01, 2021

If you are at any point unhappy with your smile, you should not hesitate to visit one of our dentists at Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff. Only after a dental exam can you find the right words to verbalize your needs and preferences to realize your dental expectations. With a dental appliance like porcelain veneers, you would be surprised at how much transformation can be achieved in your smile.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are tooth-shaped, tooth-colored porcelain appliances used to repair and restore teeth. Dental veneers in Providence, RI, are very similar to dental crowns, more so in their role in dentistry. However, veneer teeth differ from dental crowns in how much coverage they have to your teeth. Porcelain veneers are only cover the front surfaces of your teeth, while dental crowns cover your entire tooth. For this reason, many dentists will use dental veneers for cosmetic dental restorations.

When Do You Need Veneers?

By the time you are visiting a dentist near you, you will not have clarity about the kind of treatment you need. While you may have some preferences and dental expectations, only a dentist can ascertain which dental procedures are suitable for your treatment. However, the following signs can help you determine whether you would be a suitable candidate for dental veneers or not:

  1. Cracked or chipped tooth – veneers can repair cracks and chips on teeth. The dentist in Providence, RI will recommend veneers if the crack on your tooth is not too significant to cause nerve damage, which would require a root canal procedure to treat your pain.

  2. Broken teeth – if your tooth structure is compromised after a dental injury, you can count on dental veneers to restore its structure.

  3. Decayed teeth – when dental decay happens, it not only causes tooth pain but alters the colors and shape of your teeth. After treating your dental pain, your dentist may recommend getting veneers to cover the damage caused by the decaying process. It is especially the case when your front teeth are in question.

  4. Stains on teeth – patients usually benefit from professional teeth whitening when they have a general yellowing of teeth. However, if you are concerned about a couple of stains on some of your teeth, you may benefit more from dental veneers than teeth bleaching. Veneers can target the particular teeth that have stubborn stains, covering the flaws to match the color of the rest of your teeth. However, you can still count on veneers to improve the color of all your teeth. Veneers can be installed on all your front teeth that are displayed when you smile. Besides, the whitening results of dental veneers last way longer than other remedies for whitening teeth.

  5. Small spaces between teeth – Even with all your natural teeth intact, you may still notice several gaps between your teeth. It happens when you have an orthodontic problem that would otherwise require wearing braces for several months to correct your dental alignment. However, if you need a quick fix to correct the spacing problem of your smile, a dentist can use dental veneers to achieve this dental expectation.

  6. Crooked teeth – another orthodontic problem you may have is that of crookedness of your teeth. Instead of braces, a cosmetic dentist can reshape your crooked tooth and restore its structure with a dental veneer. It will also be a quicker solution than wearing teeth aligners to rotate and reposition your crooked teeth.

  7. Unusually shaped teeth – Sometimes you could have unusually shaped teeth due to natural deformities, while others get there through dental injuries. Either way, when your teeth are too short, too pointy, or have other abnormalities, they require dental contouring. Cosmetic dentists specialize in teeth contouring, using teeth veneers to modify the shape of teeth, making them compliment and accentuate your facial aesthetic features when you smile.

  8. Worn out teeth – poor oral habits like teeth grinding can quickly wear down your teeth. However, aging too plays a big role in enamel thinning, which is a term describing the wearing down of teeth. If you can notice any enamel loss on your teeth, you should be open to getting dental veneers. Besides, your heightened tooth sensitivity should be enough to have you seeking medical care for your teeth.

  9. If you are unhappy with your smile – patients looking for smile makeovers benefit a lot from veneers because they are versatile appliances that can correct many dental flaws.

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