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Always Believed Cosmetic Dentistry Is Unaffordable? Think Again Because Dental Bonding Proves You Wrong

Nov 01, 2020

Do you have chipped teeth or gaps between your front teeth that you are unhappy with? You may have heard how cosmetic dentistry procedures help overcome the problems affecting you. However, you could have balked at the expenditure, believing you may never be able to afford it.

Correcting chipped teeth or gaps between your teeth with any cosmetic dentistry procedure is undoubtedly expensive. However, suppose you visit the dentist in Providence, RI. In that case, the dental professional will, in every likelihood, surprise you by offering dental bonding as an affordable method not just to correct the issues in your mouth but also to cover cracked teeth or decayed teeth. You may perhaps be shocked out of your wits when informed by the dentist that dental bonding is completed in one visit to the dentist’s office unless you need extensive repairs to your teeth. Want to hear more about the procedure? Continue reading to acquire all the information you wish to on dental bonding.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • Dental bonding is the most affordable cosmetic dental procedure in the market.
  • Dental bonding is completed in a single visit to the dentist’s office, unlike crowns or veneers, which require time to fabricate and a second visit for the placement.
  • Dental bonding is the least invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure requiring no tooth enamel removal. You can get multiple teeth bonded in one appointment of 30 to 60 minutes.

The Downsides of Dental Bonding

  • Although dental bonding provides excellent results, the resin stains over time. Crowns and veneers, on the other hand, are stain-resistant.
  • Dental bonding is not as durable as your natural teeth, nor do they have the durability of veneers or crowns. Bonding is prone to chipping and requires replacements if you don’t care for your bonded teeth appropriately.

How to Prepare for Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is perhaps the only cosmetic dentistry procedure requiring no preparation ahead of time. You only need to consult with the Providence dentist to understand if you are a candidate for this procedure. You may be unsuitable for dental bonding if you have severe tooth decay or damage. In such cases, dentists may offer veneers crowns instead.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

The success of dental bonding treatments is determined by the location of the restoration on the tooth. The bonding is unlikely to last for long if it is on the very edge of your tooth. Your bonded teeth are affected by chewing on hard or crunchy foods or indulging in habits like opening packages with your teeth, biting your fingernails, or biting into foods that can compromise the structural soundness of the bonding. However, most patients getting dental bonding in Providence, RI confirm dental bonding lasts for four to eight years with proper oral hygiene.

Do Insurance Companies cover dental Bonding?

Insurance companies are reluctant to cover any cosmetic dentistry procedure, and unfortunately, dental bonding is classified as one. You can inquire with your insurance provider to understand whether they cover dental bonding, but if not, you must pay out of pocket for the charges incurred with the dentist.

Caring for Your Bonded Teeth

Your bonded teeth need no special care. It would help if you continued to practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth as you regularly did. It could help if you remembered dental bonding could stain over time, especially if you are a regular consumer of coffee, tea, dark cola, red wine, and tobacco products. Therefore you must limit having such beverages or pigmented foods that can leave you with stains on your teeth and saddle you with additional expenditure for teeth whitening treatments.

The Costs of Dental Bonding

You can expect to pay around $ 300-$ 600 per tooth for dental bonding. Your bonded teeth need replacements every five to 10 years. Therefore it would help if you take proper care of your bonded teeth after going through the procedure to have them connected and make them look better.


Suppose you have chipped teeth, gaps between your teeth, discoloration, or other defects and look for an inexpensive method to repair the imperfections. In that case, you must see the Providence dentist for a consultation. The dental professional determine whether this procedure is suitable for you and, if not, recommends alternative options to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

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