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Are Dental Veneers a Great Option for Enhancing Your Smile?

Feb 01, 2020

If you want to transform your smile but have many issues that need to be corrected like chipped or cracked teeth, badly discolored teeth, or excessive tooth wear you will find dental veneers is a fantastic option. These are made from a thin layer of durable porcelain that will be placed over your natural teeth without needing major preparation work. The procedure of placing the veneers is considered permanent and provides you many benefits some of which are mentioned below.

They Can Help to Give You a New Smile

You could be considering having numerous treatments to restore your teeth to their best. Rather than opt for different treatments you should consider porcelain veneers that can provide you a new smile from a single treatment. They can correct crooked and uneven teeth to make them appear uniform and smooth. They can dramatically transform chips or gaps in your teeth or even teeth that are short to give them a new appearance in just a couple of weeks with dramatic results.

If you want a new smile within a short time with minimal preparation work instant smile veneers may be a good option. You can discuss with your dentist about whether your concerns with your smile will be addressed by these veneers.

Getting Rid of Stains Becomes Easier with Them

If your teeth have deep stains that are not responding to traditional cleaning or even professional whitening treatments it may be time for you to consider composite veneers. They can make yellow or stained teeth appear whiter and younger-looking. They can also make thin and transparent looking teeth appear thick and strong. The biggest advantage of dental veneers is the fact that they are stain-resistant ensuring you will not require over-the-counter whitening strips or other chemicals to whiten your teeth after the treatment. They give you the benefit of enjoying the new placements without being concerned about staining them.

Improving Tooth Sensitivity

Many people have extremely sensitive teeth because they have experienced enamel damage. Veneers near, RI can help to stop tooth sensitivity from worsening and may improve the existing sensitivity by adding a new layer on the teeth to shield the natural teeth from hot and cold temperatures. Patients who have received them have stated their teeth are not as sensitive after the treatment. Dentists must also be complimented for improving the sensitivity because many are using a desensitizing agent before cementing the porcelain veneers to the teeth to help improve the protection from extreme temperatures that you may experience.

If you believe dental veneers may be unsuitable for you because of their thickness despite being just 0.5 MM you can consider displaying lumineers teeth that are similar in appearance and differ only in the thickness by a tiny margin. Lumineers are just 0.3 MM thick and having them may be unsuitable to mask severely discolored teeth but if you prefer them over porcelain veneers the dentist will be happy to provide them to you.

Patients who qualify for dental veneers can make a dramatic transformation to give themselves a smile that they always wanted without the requirement of undergoing treatments like whitening, bonding, or orthodontics. Therefore, if you have many issues that you want addressing you can discuss with the dentist in Providence about the issues in an attempt to understand how you can overcome them with veneers.

Veneers are a great option if you have cosmetic concerns because they are capable of enhancing your smile by improving aesthetics. While being similar to crowns they can be bonded to both the top and bottom teeth with an appearance that mimics natural teeth. The dentist in Providence can provide you with a smile evaluation that will address your cosmetic concerns. You need to consider veneers only from a dentist who is qualified and experienced in placing them. When they are not cemented properly to the teeth they can shift to cause problems in the future. However, if your teeth are healthy and the concerns bothering you are just cosmetic issues like stains, chips and gaps veneers will be a great option to give you a beautiful smile within a short time. You must, however, understand that some enamel from your teeth will be removed before placing the veneers and this process is irreversible.

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