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Cosmetic Dentistry a Specialty Also Offered by General Dentists

Jul 01, 2021

When visiting a dentist for routine exams and cleanings, besides undergoing the procedure, you would want your dental aesthetics to be cared for as well. Would you be disappointed if the general dentist you are visiting informed that you have discolored teeth and must visit a cosmetic dentist to have them whitened? You would wish it would have been more convenient if the general dentist could whiten your teeth in the same appointment.

Many dentists do not combine cosmetic and family dentistry except some experienced professionals like the dentist in Providence, RI, who believe your time is valuable and have arranged to provide all services within their facility.

Whether you want to have a routine dental exam caring for your oral health or think you must also benefit from the appointment by having the cosmetic teeth you desire, getting the treatments you want is not challenging from the Providence dentist.

Differences Between General and Cosmetic Dentists

General dentists typically diagnose oral diseases, provide preventive treatments like cleanings, examine and interpret your x-rays and create a treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain your oral health.

On the other hand, cosmetic dentists focus on the appearance of your teeth and gums. Therefore, they can provide various treatments to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile. However, professionals working in either category are busy and often have a long list of clientele waiting to receive services.

A general dentist might suggest you schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist if they don’t have the time to perform such procedures. However, if you visit doctors Rubinstein & Ducoff, you will likely not encounter disappointment because these professionals also provide cosmetic dentistry procedures within their practice.

What Kind of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Can You Expect from the Providence Dentist?

Cosmetic dentists provide various procedures suitable for your specific needs. They understand your teeth sustain wear and tear over time, developing chips and cracks, discoloration, closing gaps between your teeth, and even replacing teeth. Some of the procedures provided by the doctors mentioned in this article include:

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth become discolored over time after taking some medications, smoking, or having foods and beverages like coffee and tea. Cosmetic dentists use a chemical process to bleach your teeth in the dental office or provide at-home teeth whitening remedies.

If you want instant results, you must opt for the in-office teeth whitening procedure which requires just over an hour. However, if you prefer at-home remedies dispensed by the dentist, you may have to wait for a couple of weeks before you witness any results.

Cosmetic Bonding

Suppose you have minor chips and cracks on your teeth and look to have them repaired but don’t want to undergo extensive procedures with substantial expenditure. In that case, you can consider dental bonding as a method to enhance your teeth’s appearance. Cosmetic bonding is a straightforward procedure requiring merely one visit to the dentist’s office unless you want to have cavities filled when it may take more time.

Dentists perform cosmetic bonding by applying an etching solution followed by tooth-colored composite resin onto the tooth’s surface. You are a candidate for this procedure if you don’t have extensive tooth decay or severe dental flaws. In such cases, dentists recommend veneers or crowns as an alternative to dental bonding.

Teeth Replacements

Over time you may lose your teeth to decay, injuries, or diseases. Whether you have lost one or several teeth, getting them replaced as soon as possible is essential because the loss of teeth impacts your chewing ability besides affecting your smile. In addition, if you leave the gaps untreated, your remaining teeth begin shifting towards the blank space creating misalignments in your bite.

Dentists help you replace teeth either with dental bridges or implants after evaluating your physical health and the condition of your jawbone. You can have dental bridges in a couple of visits to the dentist’s office. However, getting dental implants is an intensive procedure requiring months of healing time before having an artificial tooth in your mouth.

When confronting any problems affecting your teeth, you wouldn’t want to contact different dental professionals for every issue because it results in loss of time and delays the treatment process. However, visiting Drs Rubinstein & Ducoff proves beneficial because you receive all the services you need under one roof without being referred to other dental professionals. Therefore research carefully when searching for a dentist in Providence looking out for professionals providing comprehensive services.

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