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Dental implants and how Crucial Replacing Teeth Really Is

Jan 03, 2019

Has your dentist suggested dental implants for you? Are you confused if they are really important or not? Before looking at the importance, of getting dental implants, you must first understand what dental implant is.

A dental implant is titanium alloy screw which is used for surgically replacing the damaged or missing natural teeth. The implant is drilled in the jawbone for connecting the artificial teeth with the screw firmly. Apart from replacing the missing tooth, it can also be used for supporting removable dentures.

Here’s a Look at Why it is Important to Replace the Damaged or Lost Tooth:


You may find not find it significant but replacing even a single missing tooth is crucial as it can impact you emotionally. It will make your conscious of your appearance and you may lose self-confidence. People with missing tooth feel conscious at social gatherings and refrain from getting clicked. People even avoid smiling which can affect their emotional health. Dental implants can be helpful in boosting your confidence. The implants look very natural and it has positive impact on your physical appearance.

Oral Health

When you lose even a single tooth, your dental structure gets affected. This leads the remaining teeth to shift which can cause issues over the time. It can also been observed that people who lose one tooth may lose several tooth over the years followed by bone loss over the years in the same row side by side.

The Comfort

When you lose a tooth, it impacts how you feel in general as you have not experienced missing tooth. Food may come in-between the gap caused by missing tooth. It makes you feel extremely uncomfortable and keeps on bugging your mind every time you eat. Some people also leave meat as it can cause pain and discomfort. It can stop you from enjoying your life.

It is advisable to consult your dentist and ask about dental procedure for getting implants. The procedure is not as painful and the dentist will numb the location for added discomfort.

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