Get the Brighter Smile You Desire with Teeth Whitening

Jul 02, 2021

Do you think your smile is not bright and needs help from products available over the counter to brighten it? Have you tried to ascertain the reasons why your teeth have discolored? If you haven’t, it is time you did so because your teeth may have dulled for various reasons.


Instead of considering over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies promising a lot but failing to deliver, it would help visit the dentist near you for a professional evaluation of your teeth. Dentists are professionals and are fully knowledgeable about why your teeth discolor.


You may have excess plaque buildup or your teeth due to improper oral hygiene, causing them to appear discolored. In such cases, dentists offer you dental cleaning and polishing to leave your teeth looking brighter than they are. Dentists can also determine whether the discoloration is because of age-related factors, use of medicines, tooth trauma, or any other reasons. After ascertaining the reasons for the discoloration and assessing your suitability for teeth whitening, dentists can offer teeth whitening near you to brighten your teeth by three to eight shades in one visit to the dentist’s office.


What Are the Reasons for Your Discolored Teeth?


Stains on your teeth generally result from lifestyle habits.


Having foods and beverages like teeth, coffee, cola, wines, and starchy foods like pasta and potatoes can create conditions to result in staining. Smoking or chewing tobacco also allows stains to develop on your teeth.


Poor dental hygiene is a leading cause of tooth discoloration because forgetting to brush and floss results in plaque and food stains buildup. Skipping dental visits for teeth cleaning near you also allows stains to develop.


If you have been skipping dental visits for long, you may have allowed tartar buildup on your teeth to require professional help to receive a deep cleaning teeth treatment. Some medicines also contribute to discoloration requiring you to seek professional teeth whitening from Drs Rubinstein and Ducoff.


What Is Involved in Professional Teeth Whitening?


Professional teeth whitening performed by dentists utilizes professional whitening products and procedures to speed the teeth whitening process. Dentists apply a hydrogen peroxide solution to bleach your teeth instead of using whitening solutions.


Before confirming your suitability for in-office teeth whitening, dentists examine your teeth and give you a prophylactic cleaning to remove plaque buildup on your teeth. Dentists are particularly careful to provide you with teeth scaling for tartar removal that may hamper the eventual results.


Your visit to the dentist will likely last for about an hour. During your appointment for teeth whitening, the soft tissues of your mouth are protected using a cheek retractor to ensure the whitening ingredient does not leak on your gums or cheeks to cause sensitivity. Dentists apply the hydrogen peroxide solution about four times during the appointment at 15-minute intervals each. They also use heat or light to accelerate the whitening. At the end of your appointment, the dentist evaluates the color of your teeth, which would have improved significantly from the treatment.


If you desire, you can request at-home whitening trays dispensed by the dentist. The dentist makes customized trays explicitly for your mouth and provides the whitening gel for maintaining your whitening results. In addition, dentists instruct you how and when you must use the whitening trays to keep the effects of in-office teeth whitening longer.


Are Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Permanent?


A permanent teeth whitening treatment is, until this moment, undiscovered, and the treatment you obtain from the dentist will likely last you for six months to three years, depending on your oral hygiene routine and lifestyle habits. Dentists recommend you limit or avoid staining foods and beverages while quitting smoking if possible.


If you wish to maintain a brighter smile, you must pay proper attention to your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth for two minutes each soon as you wake up in the daylight and immediately before getting into bed. You can use a whitening toothpaste authenticated by the ADA, confirming it is dentist-approved.


You must floss between your teeth at least once every day.


Drinking water after consuming any drinks containing acids is beneficial because liquids like juices, coffee, red wine, and lemonade can stain your teeth. You can keep a reusable straw to sip beverages to prevent staining of your front teeth. Using over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies will likely disappoint you because of the speed at which they deliver results. If you want instant teeth whitening, the best option is to visit the dentist in your neighborhood for professional in-office teeth whitening treatments.

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