Laser Gum Contouring Gets Big Smiles

Dec 28, 2018

Everyone knows a great smile is to be desired and leaves a fantastic first impression on everyone we meet. In fact, it’s been demonstrated by studies that our smile is one of the most memorable features we have when we make an impression on someone new. While many are aware of teeth whitening and orthodontic devices to improve our smiles, gum contouring is less known. Here, Doctors Rubinstein and Ducoff will go over the basics of gum contouring with laser.

Gum contouring meets lasers.

Although not as well-known as other procedures, there’s nothing new about gum contouring. In the past, a dentist would use a scalpel to cut and shape the gum, and applied sutures to the tissue which had been trimmed. While some dentists still use this method, Doctors Rubinstein and Ducoff do not.

Instead, Doctors Rubinstein and Ducoff utilize lasers using state-of-the-art Biolase Waterlase iPlus, which instantly cuts and seals gum tissues. This is vastly beneficial, as it is faster, more precise, and much more comfortable. While scalpels cause a lot of bleeding and pain, lasers are so relatively pain-free that even those with sensitivity issues usually require little or no anesthetic!

Lasers have changed gum contouring for the better.

While lasers have obviously created a much better experience, how safe is the procedure of laser gum contouring? As a matter of fact, not only is it perfectly safe, but it has many positive effects as well! While your confidence will be improved by moving the gumline to provide a larger, more mature and toothy smile, there are practical benefits to the procedure.

Gum tissue is a favorite place of bacteria to grow and breed. While it’s impossible to entirely rid the mouth of harmful bacteria, reducing the amount of gum in the mouth reduces their “habitat” and helps to prevent the many problems they can cause, such as periodontal disease.

Safely and effectively contouring the gums with laser can provide a better aesthetic, give you more confidence, and even improve your oral health!

Are you a candidate for laser gum contouring?

By now, the benefits of gum contouring are obvious, but are you a candidate? You might consider gum contouring for the following applications:

  • Improving the height-appearance of teeth
  • Reducing gummy smiles
  • Fixing uneven gums
  • Removing gum tissue that has grown over teeth, which promotes decay

It is also possible that if you are having other procedures performed, laser gum contouring may be suggested by Doctors Rubinstein and Ducoff.

Improve your future first impressions with help from dental lasers!

We hope we’ve shed some positive light on laser gum contouring. While it may seem like a strictly aesthetic procedure, the benefits in fact are numerous. From renewed confidence to improved oral health, laser gum contouring is safe, effective, and an overall powerful tool in your dentist’s arsenal to maintain oral health. And with 21st century tools at the disposal of experienced Doctors Rubinstein and Ducoff, there’s never been a better time to schedule an appointment to discuss this comfortable procedure.

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