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Orthodontics: Invisalign® Treatment

Dec 05, 2019

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry concerned with aligning malpositioned teeth to improve their appearance and functionality. When teeth are not sitting correctly on the arcs of the mouth, they introduce different dental problems. For example, most patients with malpositioned teeth have to deal with tooth cavities resulting from plaque buildup. Orthodontists work with different oral appliances to help correct the different malpositioned teeth of patients.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign® braces are appliances used in dentistry for restoring the outlook of teeth. They work by imposing a shift of teeth to position them correctly on the jaw. Invisalign treatment is different from other types of treatments in orthodontics based on the value they offer.

Ideally, the traditional braces serve a similar purpose with Invisalign clear braces when it comes to moving teeth for better positioning. However, that is as far as the relationship goes. Invisible teeth aligners are clear, which makes them invisible when worn by patients. Most adults prefer this treatment because it allows them to go through the realignment treatment without necessarily publicizing it. As a matter of fact, most celebrities in the 21st century rely on Invisalign for adults to achieve dental cosmetic perfection for their teeth, anonymously.

Why Invisalign Treatment?

Any patient considering this treatment must first understand the underlying benefits of Invisalign teeth aligners. As you consider Invisalign near you, here are some benefits of the treatment:

  • Anonymity – as mentioned above, clear teeth aligners are invisible. Invisalign in Providence, RI will offer you an opportunity to undergo your treatment with utmost anonymity. You can keep your cosmetic appearance intact as you aim for better-looking results.
  • Improved comfort – the dentist in Rhode Island will give you a set of clear teeth aligners that are made of a smooth plastic material. They are more comfortable than traditional braces, which are made from metal wires and brackets. Besides that, the clear aligners are customized for individual patients and for a perfect fit.
  • Improved oral hygiene – with Invisalign, you are not bound to the appliances all day every day. The aligners are removable, allowing you to eat and brush your teeth as regular as should be. This will have long-term advantages to your teeth, so you will not have to deal with post-orthodontic white spots and stains on your teeth’s enamel.
  • No food restrictions – you know how people with traditional braces have to be careful about what they eat? With invisible dental aligners, your options are open. Since they are removable, you can keep on with your food choices, as long as you brush your teeth before wearing the aligners.

Facts about Clear Dental Aligners

Before you even think about the Invisalign costs, it is paramount that you understand some of the under-emphasized facts about them. They include:

  • Wearing them for 22 hours every day – as part of the treatment plan, invisible oral aligners have to be worn for up to 22 hours every day. The aligners shift teeth by applying controlled pressure. Therefore, for it to work effectively, the pressure must be applied consistently, which is why you need them on for up to 23 hours. The more reluctant you are with wearing them, the longer your treatment is bound to take. Your dentist or orthodontist will also know if you are not consistent with them.
  • Frequent maintenance – since clear aligners are removable, they require frequent adjustment. The adjustment continues to initiate a shift of the teeth in the correct direction. This means that you have to visit your dentist every 6 weeks or so. The visits will be to give you a new set of aligners with a tighter fit than the previous ones. This will go on throughout the treatment period as per your unique treatment plan.
  • Easy stains – it may be advantageous that clear aligners are removable for proper eating, but that is not the only benefit. Invisible dental aligners stain easily. Eating with them on can stain them and be a disservice to the whole point of keeping them invisible. For that reason, make sure you brush your teeth every after eating. It will help you keep up with proper oral hygiene, as well as preserve the color of your teeth aligners.

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