Phytic acid and dental health: is phytic acid bad for teeth? plus 30+ phytic acid foods

Feb 26, 2019

As we know, every action has two kinds of impacts- one is positive and another one is negative. The same case applies to phytic acid where on one hand it provides benefits to the body and on the other hand, it affects your teeth. This acid is mostly found in all plant-based food. Dentist in Providence also advise that this acid should be consumed in a particular quantity otherwise you might have to face the issues of cavities on your teeth.

How is phytic acid bad for your teeth?

You will find dentists like Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff always mentioning about how phytic acid is not good for your teeth. This can lead to cavities and you may need to get a check-up from the dentist on regular basis because of the following reasons-

  • You might don’t know but our teeth are made of calcium, phosphorus, copper and vitamin D. They need those elements in the body for repairing and recovery of teeth.
  • If you reduce the amount of intake (of phytic acid), then there are chances that you protect your teeth from the decaying
  • Phytic acid also affects the digestion system because it blocks some enzymes such as pepsin (breaks down protein), Amylases (converts starch into sugar), Trypsin (protein digestion)

How phytic acid is good for the body?

Now, we also can’t deny that phytic acid has lots of benefits which can’t be ignored either. Even Providence Dentist don’t say that you stop consuming phytic acid completely. It has lots of benefits and saves you from severe diseases. Following you may find the benefits, such as-

  • This acid is considered being a useful oxidant which saves you from many problems
  • It provides protection from severe diseases such as cancer cells, reduces diabetes chances, improves heart conditions, reduces the size of kidney stones, fights heavy metal toxicity, treats HIV and so on

There are chances that you might be still confused and are not able to finalize whether you should eat or stop eating these food products. For this, you can contact Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff or search on Google “dentist near me” as they are the best people to tell you what type of food and how much quantity you should eat and which ones you need to avoid so that you get the optimum level of benefits of both and save yourself from severe diseases as well as your teeth from cavities.

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