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Prepping Yourself for Wisdom Teeth Removal: Pre- and Post-fact Information

Jul 02, 2019

Wisdom tooth extraction in Providence near you is a surgical procedure for removing one or more wisdom teeth. These are adult teeth located in the back of the mouth on both top and bottom. If your wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room for growing, it can become impacted and can result in pain, infection, or dental issues. In these cases, wisdom tooth extraction is the ideal choice.

Prepping for surgery

While preparing for the surgery, you need to ask the following questions to the dentist near you for clarity:

  • Should I stop having non-prescription drugs before the surgery?
  • Will someone need to drive me back home after the procedure?
  • When do I need to arrive at the dental clinic or hospital?
  • Can I take my prescription medicines before the surgery?
  • Do I need to avoid eating food and drinking fluids or both? And, when can I begin having them again?

The Procedure

  • The dentist in 02906 makes an incision in the gum tissue for exposing the tooth and bone.
  • He removes the bone that blocks access to the tooth root.
  • The tooth is divided into sections for removal.
  • The tooth is removed.
  • The site of the removed tooth is cleaned of any debris from the tooth or bone.
  • The wound is stitched for promoting healing.
  • Gauze is placed over the extraction site to control bleeding and help in forming a blood clot.

After the Procedure

  • Try to avoid spitting otherwise you may dislodge the blood clot from the socket. Place the gauze over the extraction site as directed by the dentist.
  • You can manage the pain with the help of OTC pain relievers. You can also place cold pack against the jaw for relieving pain.
  • Any swelling on the cheeks can be improved by placing an ice pack.
  • You must take the rest of the day off and relax after the tooth extraction.
  • Drink lots of water after the surgery.
  • Eat only soft foods and liquid.
  • Avoid brushing, rinsing the mouth, or spitting for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid using tobacco and smoking.

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