Dental Checkups in Providence, RI

Were you aware that the American Dental Association recommends that all patients visit the dentist at least twice a year for routine dental care? At Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff, we agree and believe that preventive dental care is an essential part of providing each of our patients with the best dentistry possible. Patients that schedule regular, professional tooth cleaning are known to have less of a risk of tooth decay, cavity formation, oral infections, and even gum disease. Interested in scheduling your dental checkup in Providence, RI? Contact Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff today, we’d be more than happy to get you on our schedule for a routine appointment.

Comprehensive Dental Examinations

Did you know the best time to treat dental complications such as decay, cavities, infections or even disease is as early as possible? With comprehensive dental examinations in Providence, our dentist in Providence, RI can monitor your oral health, evaluating for any risk factors or signs that a complication may be starting. In the event that any issues are noticed, our dentist can create a treatment plan to address the problem before it advances into something more serious, requiring more costly and invasive treatment options. Schedule your Providence dental examination today!

Professional Dental Cleanings

Were you aware that most patients have areas in their mouth they just can’t reach? These areas are the perfect environment for debris, plaque and even tartar to hide, increasing your risk of decay, cavities, infection and even disease. During your professional tooth cleaning in Providence, we use specialized tools, our knowledge, and experience to ensure that every corner of your smile is sparkly clean. To schedule your Providence dental cleaning, contact Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff today to schedule an appointment.

Schedule Your Dental Checkup in Providence Today

When is the last time you visited your dentist for a professional dental checkup in Providence? If it has been longer than 6 months, we recommend contacting Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff today to schedule your appointment. We’re always accepting new patients at our dental clinic in Providence, RI, and would be happy to provide you with exceptional, preventive dental care.

We are also serving patients from nearby location as College Hill, Fox Point, Wayland, Wayland Square, Waterman, Brown University and RISD for dental services.

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