Teeth for Life

Teeth for Life

A Guide to Caring for Your Smile

When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile and teeth for life, there are some very important factors involved. Along with proper at-home dental care, it is also essential to visit your dentist in Providence regularly for professional dental care. With both at-home and professional dental care, many patients can avoid dental complications entirely, leaving them with a healthy, beautiful and functional smile for life. Contact Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff to schedule your appointment at our dental clinic in Providence, RI.

Selecting Your Dental Products

Part of practicing proper at-home dental care involves selecting the right products to help care for your smile. When it comes to selecting a toothbrush, we recommend always selecting a toothbrush with soft bristles, while it may seem like hard bristles will remove move plaque and tartar, they can actually damage the enamel. For toothpaste, we always recommend selecting a product that has been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) that also contains fluoride to help strengthen, remineralizer and protect your smile.

Scheduling Routine, Professional Dental Care

Along with at home dental care, we recommend visiting Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff for routine, professional dental care at least twice a year (every 6 months). At Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff we believe that prevention is a vital part of providing optimal dental care and are proud to offer comprehensive oral examinations and professional dental cleanings.

During your examination, your Providence dentist will thoroughly evaluate your smile, gums, and overall oral health to make sure no risk factors are noticed. In the event we notice any issues, we’ll be sure to explain our findings and any recommended treatments.

During your professional dental cleaning, we’ll use specialized tools to ensure every corner of your mouth is left sparkly clean. Many patients miss certain areas in their mouth, leaving the perfect environment for bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildup.

Visit Our Dental Practice in Providence, RI Today

Want to make sure your teeth are healthy for life? Feel free to contact Drs. Rubinstein & Ducoff today to schedule your appointment with one of our dentists in Providence, we are always accepting new patients at our practice and would be happy to get you on our schedule for your routine dental care.

We are also serving patients from nearby location as College Hill, Fox Point, Wayland, Wayland Square, Waterman, Brown University and RISD for dental services.

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