What can you do to replace a lost tooth

Jul 19, 2019

Even if you are very careful, there can be a possibility that you can lose your teeth to ignored cavities. This could eventually lead to tooth decay, and I am sure that you won’t want an imperfect smile. Apart from fixing your confidence, it is also essential for a healthy dental.

If the tooth is not replaced, then it might create further problems such as drifting of the other teeth to fill the gap. This misalignment could cause difficulty to chew or talk and can also cause bone loss. Therefore there are specific ways through which you can replace the missing tooth for an own healthy mouth.

Dental implant

This is a minor surgical procedure and is one of the most popular methods of replacing a missing tooth. The dental implants can be effective for also a partial of the full set of dentures along with a single tooth. There are many advantages of getting dental implants such as:

  • They look and feel like natural teeth
  • No dental work is necessary on the surrounding teeth
  • The last for a very long time
  • They could also help to hold the bone loss

The procedure might take several visits to the dentist where he would place a metal post into the jawbone in place of the tooth’s root. This implanted post would let the bone grow around it, which would make it secure as a real tooth. Lastly, a human made crown, bridge, or dentures are custom made and attached to the top of the post.

Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge would also feel and look like an original tooth and can be an alternative to an implant. It is more favorable when only one tooth is involved and is also less expensive as compared to a dental implant. The reason that it is called a bridge is that it connects to healthy teeth by placing a false tooth in between which is known as a pontic.

Under the fixed bridge, the crown placed on the teeth next to the lost one involves cutting the teeth down first. There can be a possibility of bone loss as the pontic is not set into the jaw like an implant despite this; it is still a quicker alternative to dental implants.

Removable partial denture

The partial dentures consist of a plastic base that matches the color of the gums and can be taken at night. The removable partial denture is one of the least expensive options for placing either one or more lost teeth. The major drawback is that it can be lost or broken might be uncomfortable as well.

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